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Summer 2018 Promo and Coupon Codes

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At Adult Friend Finder we don't often publish coupon codes, but in the unlikely event that this one is still valid when you sign up at our site, you'll get a huge discount up to 44% off of the regular price of a Gold Membership* at AFF Canada. That's a great deal if you consider our Canadian sex site is always 100% free.

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Adult Friend Finder Promo Codes:

Here's a promotion you shouldn't miss out on. During last month, when you purchase a one month membership to AdultFriendFinder, we'll give you a BOGO offer. That means that if you buy one, you get a second month at AdultFriendFinder Canada free! This applies to all membership price levels from the basic, free Trial Membership up to a full access Gold Membership. Click the link to get your promo code now.

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*Note: The 2018 Coupon codes, promos and discount codes for this late summer season, detailed here, are often geographically restricted (Australia, Canada, USA etc.) and often expire very quickly. We cannot guarantee that the discount prices that you find here are are available or applicable in your area at a given time. Sadly, none of these discounts or promotions apply to

These promotion codes were updated August 1st 2018. Please visit regularly for updates.