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It's no secret that Adult FriendFinder is the most popular adult dating personals website. But being the biggest and most popular doesn't automatically make it the best. Before you can call yourself the best of anything you have to have non-biased reviews that prove it. Below is a summary of the many reviews of Adult FriendFinder that we have either made up or curated from all around the Web.

Adult Friend Finder Reviews:

These days the Internet is awash with very beautiful and sexy websites. It seems like all the newest dating sites have wonderful large photos and text that scrolls over and around them with dynamic flowing effects. If that's a priority to you, you'll be disappointment with the AdultFriendfinder interface.

AFF is a mature site where they have optimized it for ease of use instead of looks. It is text heavy and the images are mostly of their members instead of stock photography. The interface is simple, like it should be. The navigation is along the top and left sides of the page. The main content is in the center and there is always a help link on the page.

Some of the reviews that we read said the pages had too much text, and that may be true. The problem is that the site has so many features that they play a huge role in filling the screen with text. Having said that, each page does include photos of the member (sometimes nude or wearing suggestive clothing) and the interface does feature graphic elements in many key areas.

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The Interface Look and Feel...

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The fact that you went to the trouble to find AdultFriendFinder speaks for itself. Everybody (well nearly everybody) knows the name and everyone has an opinion.

Having launched in 1996, Adult FriendFinder was one of the first dating sites, and was almost certainly, the first dating site focused specifically on sex dating as apposed to sites for romantic dating. The simple fact that they have been on the Internet for more than 20 years is really their best reference. If you think about it, how many adult dating sites have been able to withstand the fickle moods of the always changing Web surfer? New sex hookup sites and apps appear almost daily and they disappear almost as quickly. Why? Because they just don't have the members and features that Adult FriendFinder does.

Having been in business for so long, there are literally hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of devoted members and ex-members who paid their hard-earned money to use their site. Many of their members have been there for many years and the typical new member renews at least 3 times. Those are outstanding statistics.

Sure people complain about Adult FriendFinder, but if you look at their outstanding longevity, I think you can see that they are worth trying.

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20+ Years of Staying Power Speaks Volumes...

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