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Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Maximize Your Success.

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Welcome to the Adult Friend Finder where we are dedicated to helping you unlock the secrets of successful hookups! Get ready to delve into a world of tips, tricks, and hacks that will revolutionize your experience at AFF. We understand that navigating the complex landscape of finding hookups can be daunting, which is why we have created this platform to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize your opportunities to get laid and to save you cash.

Whether you're a seasoned member of AFF or just thinking about signing up, our comprehensive collection of expert advice, insider tips, and ingenious hacks will empower you to make quick connections and find the sex you desire. Get ready to transform your journey from ordinary to extraordinary as we guide you through the exciting realm of adult dating know-how.

Tip: Don't Hesitate - Pull the Trigger...

The biggest mistake we see is people flipping through the public parts of our adult dating website but not pulling the trigger and sign up. The pages that you can visit without signing up are sanitized so we don't get complaints about exposing teens and youths to adult content. Be assured that the profiles and chats in the Member's section of the website are very sexually oriented and very often include nudity and extremely suggestive text.

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Tip: Choose a Stellar Username...

At Adult Friend Finder, one of the best tips is that you should think long and hard when selecting your perfect username. Forget about something generic that easily fades from memory. Instead, make it truly personal, reflecting your interests and the details you've outlined in your bio. Step away from adding digits to your username; we encourage uniqueness and individuality to enhance your online presence and boost your chances of making quick connections. Let your personality shine through and create a memorable username that leaves a lasting impression on potential hookups.

Trick: Add a Photo to Your Profile...

If you don’t put up a photo on your sex ad, no woman will talk to you. It's just that simple.

And here's an insider tip: Don’t upload pictures of your junk; you want flattering face photos, and something that gives them a rough idea of your body type.

Hack: Never Leave Your Profile Blank...

Newbies often think that no one actually reads the words in the hookup ads so they leave them blank. Well, they are half right — men don’t read them - women do.

Women go crazy for descriptive adult bios; write yours imagining you were writing a trashy romance novel. Make sure to tell them exactly what they can expect from a night with you. Focus on passion and romance. You’ll also need to use this skill when chatting with them, so the more practice you get, the better.

Hack: Add Lots of Keywords to Your Profile...

As a free member on Adult Friend Finder, you'll enjoy the convenience of receiving messages without any payment obligations. However, to ensure a full inbox, it's essential to craft a captivating profile that piques people's interest. Utilizing search filters and incorporating suitable keywords into your profile will significantly increase your chances of catching someone's attention and ranking well in search results. Sharing your hobbies, kinks, desires and interests in specific, engaging phrases is the perfect way to boost your visibility and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passions.

Advice: Don't Be Cheap...

The biggest mistake a lot of new members make is not buying the gold membership for the first few weeks. You can’t do anything worth doing without it — you can’t even view a lot of the member’s profiles.

Perhaps if you look like a Greek god and you can write like a poet you can get laid for free, but if you were that desirable, you probably wouldn’t need Adult Friend Finder. For the rest of us, we need to realize that we need to invest some money in the process to get the full benefit.

Tip: Commit to It...

Don't be discouraged if you don't find a hookup in the first day or two. You have to commit to playing the game. Bite the bullet and choose the 3 month payment option and invest some time in tuning your profile and your chats. Like most things in life - if you don't work at it - you won't have success.

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Trick: Make the First Move...

You can’t just sit back and wait for the horny hookups to come to you. You’ll have to put yourself out there which means contacting lots of women to gauge their interest. It’s a obviously intimidating at first, and the fear of failure may be high, but be certain — the amount of sex you get will skyrocket once you start making the first move.

Hack: Experiment, Tweak and Test...

Approach your Adult Friend Finder profile like a marketing campaign. Write your bio and if it isn't working, tweak it and see if you get more or better responses. Try changing your profile once a week and monitor the number of responses. If you get less action one week, you know that your previous profile content was better and switch it back and tweak it again.

Tip: Don't be a Prude...

Think about why most women are on Adult Friend Finder. It’s not simply to get laid — they can get laid at any bar, any time. Women are there to fulfill specific needs or to fulfill their fantasies. These needs are ones that they may be embarrassed to talk about in real life so they hunt anonymously on AFF. So don't be al judgy about their fantasies, be willing to help them achieve these fantasies (even if you’re not really into it), they’ll reciprocate and fuck you silly in return.

Hack: Don't be Boring...

This is a huge thing, and probably the biggest mistake guys make that keeps them from getting laid.

Adult Friend Finder is built around fantasy and fetishes. Women can have boring conversations with guys anyplace she goes so why would she spend her time and money to meet boring guys on Adult Friend Finder? Give her something fresh, sexy, kinky and interesting, even if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone. Use our website to practice being more outgoing and sexy.

If you see a woman's profile on Adult Friend Finder, she’s already seen some weird stuff, and she hasn’t run screaming for the hills, so give her your best shot.

Tip: Check For Fake Profiles...

Adult Friend Finder, like any online site does have some scammers and time wasters, so do some due-diligence to make sure that she/he is real. Do a reverse image search to make sure the pic is legit. Ask random questions that only a human can answer. And ask for her social media accounts to verify the details. And for the love of God, don't send money to anyone until you've met her in person.


The big takeaway here is that if you're serious about finding someone new to get laid, you have to commit to the process. There is "no free lunch" out there so stop looking for the shortcuts and unreasonable hacks. Fill in your profile with fun, interesting and sexy content that makes you sound smart and romantic. Post a great photo and be willing to work at keeping your sex ad up-to-date. Only by investing in the long game will you truly succeed at finding a great hookup.

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